Aunt Peg’s Baptism – 1914


When Katherine Donlon visited her father’s birthplace [Aughaloughin] in 1914, Margaret Donlon was born [June 29,1914].  When she was baptized on July 1st, her sponsors were Patrick Farrell and Catherine Donlon [the visitor from America].  Margaret was my father’s younger sister.  [Margaret’s father, James and Catherine were first cousins – Margaret’s paternal grandfather Edward and Catherine’s father John were brothers].

The fact that Aunt Peg’s godmother was a relative from America was told to me by Peter Donlon [my Uncle and Peg’s brother] during one of my first visits to Ireland [summer 1975?].  Peter remembered that Katherine was a school teacher and a homesteader from Medina, North Dakota, and that her brother was the Postmaster.   This “oral history” was news to me – I had never heard of this branch of the family.   Over a period of many years I pieced together more of the history, including the fact that Catherine was born in Braidwood, Illinois in 1875, and that the family moved to Iowa in the early 1880’s – her brother P.H. Donlon was a Postmaster, but not in North Dakota.  He was Postmaster in Emmetsburg, Iowa [and later served in the Iowa State Legislature].  Katherine was, in fact,  a school teacher in Medina ND [and her sister Margaret was the principal of the school there], but the rest of the family was based in the Emmetsburg area, including her father’s brother, Timothy Donlon [never married].

When we were in Lanesborough in August 2004 we visited St. Mary’s rectory and saw the actual record book of baptisms from that era – and obtained this certificate from Fr. Garvey which confirms that Aunt Peg’s god-mother was Katherine [or Catherine].  The diocese is Ardagh and the parish is Rathcline, Lanesboro.






Lawyering -1980s – Jacobs v. Patterson


I have appeared in the Appellate Division only a very few times.  This case resulted in two times when I appeared and argued a case.  (I remember one appearance as an Assistant District Attorney on an appeal in criminal case, and there were probably a couple of bail applications).

I met Mr. Patterson in Family Court one day and we had a discussion which led to me representing him in an action in the Supreme Court [in NY this is where a civil action starts].  His ex-wife was suing him for money she claimed was owed under a separation agreement.

The resulting Supreme Court litigation led to appeals to the Appellate Division at 45 Monroe Place in downtown Brooklyn.  The links to the two Court opinions follow : 1985 1988

The official citations are 112 AD2d 402, 492 NYS2d 59 [2d Dept, 1985] and 143 AD2d 397, 532 NYS2d 429 [2d Dept, 1988]

I recently came across my brief for the 2nd appeal – after a successful trial before J.H.O. Radin in the Supreme Court [Richmond County] – Staten Island.  I am including a couple of pages here.  The eventual result was a good one, considering that his ex-wife started this action seeking some $15,000 or more from him.  She recovered nothing and wrote a check to Patterson for $7,800.00.      I wrote the brief on my Kaypro 2 computer and printed it on an “impact dot matrix printer” – then the cover and binding was done by a local printer – Court rules required that.



Postcards from Ireland – 1960s

1st one was from Kay Prior [n. Farrell] – a cousin of my father’s [his mother was a Farrell] and a good friend of my mother’s – she says :  “Went to Mass at St. Mary’s yesterday – met Kate Moran, Mamie Connor & others.  Went to Aughaloughin for dinner – the kids are cute.  Met your brother Francis & Tim Moran, Paddy Breaden,Paddy the Butt & Skelly in Rathcline……”

Aughaloughin was where my uncle Peter & Kathleen Donlon lived with their young family – this card is from 1964 [?] ……

The 2nd card is from my mother – on her first visit [1967 ?] to Ireland since she left in 1939 – she says “….. it has been great meeting so many people I grew up with …. ”


House Plans for Carraroe [Carrowroe], Lanesboro

In 1976 or so plans were drawn up for the construction of a new house [“proposed residence”] at Carraroe [spelled Carrowroe on these plans] – the house was completed in 1977 and in October 1977 my parents left Staten Island and moved into the new place.  The 1st view shows the front entrance …… the 2nd view shows the front of the garage [to the right of the house], and part of the rear of the house.

The “location map” shows the Rathcline Road and the “proposed site”.  There was an “old dwelling house to be demolished”.   This was an old cottage that was occupied by tenants [Billy Rafferty, his wife and son].   They relocated to a County Council house not too far away.  The property was owned by the Corcoran family [Uncle Peter Donlon was married to Kathleen Corcoran and he brokered the deal as I recall].



Neighbors – Lismacmanus – 1930s

The top photo is my mother (Bridie) and my grandmother (Mary n. Walsh) Fallon

The second photo shows uncles Francie Fallon [2nd from L] and James Fallon [5th from L] with members of the Brennan family –  Mike Brennan (at L), sisters of Mike Brennans and “unknown” – this may have been taken when my mother was leaving home to go to the US in 1939.

The photo at bottom has a group of neighbors who are believed to be the following (from L to R) Frank Fallon, Unknown (white dress) , Pat (the Lamb) Dowd, Frank Fallon’s wife [n. Welsh] and Tom Kearney.

Note: 10 or more years ago my cousin J.J. Donlon made inquiries about the identity of the folks in the photos and those he asked came up with the names].  The Frank Fallon and wife in the bottom photo are not my grandparents even though names are very similar.


1930s Photograph – Fallon & Donlon Family Members & Neighbors

5th from the left is Uncle Peter  Donlon (Aughaloughin) and at the far right is Jimmy Connaughton (Lehery).  This photo appears to have been taken in the 1930’s … the remaining people in the photo are unidentified – on the back of the photo someone wrote “whoever took this has bad nerves”.  [Note Jimmy Connaughton was Frank’s brother and Elizabeth’s (n. Fallon) brother in law).Donlon.Peter.neighbors.Ireland.1930s02152018